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We understand and care about moviegoers’ first concern when they are sitting in front of the screen:comfort.Every moviegoer expects to sink back in chairs and enjoy the movie as comfortably as possbile becuse a movie may last 2 hours or ever more.
Ever since we launched our first cinema chair,we have devoted every effort to our cinema seating products,not only to fulfill every moviegoer’s need for comfort,but also to exceed your expectations by creating a complete cinema experience or everyone in the theater. Choose from our full rocker,fixed back,or VIP recliner for optimum comfort.

Our cinema seating is made ultra-comfortable by:

  • Using raw material from BASF Germany Company for cushion,the back and seat cushion of our cinema seating are high resilient and provides superior support and comfort to your body.You’ll be able to enjoy your movie knowing that your back is properly supported with nothing but only the finest materials.
  • Desinged in comfortable chair wideth to suit different body size.Whether you’re children or larger adults,our cinema seating will be comfortable and supportive,and give you the best movie-going experience you’re looking for.
  • Configured in the best seating layout:Our professional technical support team helps you plan the best seating layout with ideal row spacing so that your legs will be comfortably placed and your sightline to the screen will be minimally blocked,and your customers can enjoy the best seat experience!
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