Auditorium Spaces are often required to accommodate to different purposes which means that adaptability,durability and maintenance are crucial to maximize the utility of these spaces. Speaking of these solutions,JUYI seating is definitely the best choice for our auditorium seating products are specially to offer a brand new ambience to your venue and unparalleled value to your bussiness they are:
Our rich industrial experience and manufacturing resources enable us to offer tailor-made solutions to match your specific requirements.We have various functional features and imaginable styles for you to choose, and there is no more worry about seating layout as our auditorium seating can be installed in straight or curved configuration on risers or on slopers, floor-mounted or riser-mounted to suit different site requirements.
All our seating products are fully compliant with international seating standards including BIFMA and BSI. They are equipment with higher standard of raw materials by our state-of-the art technology to ensure durability of the whole seating structure. Our worldwide projects have proved that our seating products have stood the test of time.
Even before we start designing a chair,we have taken easy installation and easy maintenance into consideration. Our refined craftsmanship on seating finishing makes them easy to clean,and the proved durability requires the least effort to maintain,which reduce ownership cost in the long run.
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